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I was involved in an automobile collision. I was facing loss of license, huge fines, becoming uninsurable. I desperately needed help and I found it in a local lawyer, Maureen Currie. I cannot say enough about her, Maureen was amazing!! She is professional and thorough, she took a personal interest in my case and was able to have my charges dropped! I am doing this recommendation, to let others, who are looking for help, to please contact Maureen Currie!!


I have nothing but good things to say about this lady. She sure knows the law and was able to help me out of a huge jam. I found her with this ad so I wanted tell anybody else out there that no all lawyers are such tight***es. She is real smart and funny but tough with the other lawyers. I’d use her again. Hope I don’t have too.

~ by JONAH Guelph

Very pleased with the results. Maureen is an awesome lawyer and a really funny woman. I felt comfortable with her and trusted her. She didn’t let me down. If I need another lawyer I’ll definitely use her again.

~ by LESLEY Peterborough

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Excellent criminal lawyer. Knew her way around the courts for sure.

~ by ALAN Mississauga

I found Maureen Currie through this advertisement because I had never been charged with an offence before and didn’t know where to turn. She is extremely smart and really good in Court. Maureen made me feel comfortable from the get go. I never had to wait for her to return a call or email. Thanks to her work I don’t have a criminal record. I would recommend this lawyer.

~by JASON L. Milton

Maureen Currie is a great lawyer. I was worried about using a lady lawyer but I was so wrong. I never felt like she was too busy to talk to me or explain what was happening. She was tough and really knew her stuff. I could tell that the Judge really respected her when She came to court to defend me prepared with books of cases when the other guys charged lawyers just talked with no other cases. I walked, they didn’t out of criminal Court. She was worth the money, thats for sure. I would recommend her to anyone charged with a criminal offence.

~by R JOHNSON Mississauga

Not all lawyers are sleezballs.
I was searching and saw someone say that all lawyers are crooks so I wanted to tell a good story. I was charged with dangerous driving and the other lawyer I spoke to said there was no chance of success and started giving me the gears and telling me how much a guilty plee would cost. So I left and phoned Currie Law and hired Maureen Currie. I am happy to say that she was really great and not a crook. She listened to me and really worked it in court. She cross examined the police so good that I got off with no hitch. She was worth the money. So some lawyers are the real deal! Just thought I would say it out loud and maybe help her out since she worked so hard for me.

~By KRAUSI1 21/12/10 Oakville

A criminal lawyer that knows her stuff.
I was charged with a crime I didn’t commit. I didn’t know who to call since I was not from the area. I found Maureen Currie through the computer and also found another lawyer’s name at a different office. I met him first and he seemed bored when I talked and more interested in getting my money then finding out about me. So I called this lady lawyer Ms. Currie. She defended me and got me off. She never gave me any attitude like she was too busy to talk to me. I was real impressed in watching her argue. In Court you could tell the Judge respected her. She was pricey but the Crown was looking to have me thrown in jail. I was acquitted at trial. I don’t have a criminal record now thanks to her. I thought I would right this in case someone out there is in the same position I was in and don’t know where to turn. She’s real good.

~ by JACK Niagara

Wanted to give a shout out to Maureen Currie who just got me off on weapons and drugs when the crown atturney was looking for 5 years minimum in the pen since I got a big criminal record. So stoked when she got me off and wanted to do something nice for her. Like in that pay it forward movie. She knows her stuff for sure and really had my back. My bud who had another lawyer wasn’t so lucky but the judge let me off.Anyways, I would be using her again, tho I hope I don?t have to. She always got back to me when I called, except for once and i had to wait for 2 days to get a update. She is pretty tough but real nice when you get to know her. She’s not the cheapest but is the best ive seen. Wish I would have met her 8 charges ago.

~by SATISFIED CLIENT 2/20/15 Oakville

My son was facing serious criminal charges. Maureen was thoroughly professional. It went to trial and she was very prepared and showed excellent examination skills. While she was even handed with police she showed judge that he was mistaken or maybe dishonest. He was found innocent and judge even commmented on her incisive cross examination. She was pricier than another lawyer I was going to hire but must say that her hours were very fair and as a family we more than got what we paid for. Must say that she seemed to work hard for us and she believed in him. He now won’t have a criminal record thanks to her. She went above and beyond for us so I wanted somehow to let others know. It can be so confusing to hire a criminal lawyer.

~ by SATISFIED CLIENT3/28/14 Mississauga

I needed a criminal lawyer in Welland and didn’t know anybody. I went to one guy who seemed bored while he was talking to me. I called Currie and she answered her own phone which impressed me. I had some trouble finding her office (she needs a better sign) but other than that I couldn’t be happier with her service. She explains things very well, always called me after each appearance, never seemed frustrated to have to go over things. My case was dismissed and now I can get on with my life. She is a really great criminal lawyer in my opinion although a bit out of the way.

~by BRIANR1, 2/2/11 Mississauga

I was worried when I was charged and hadn’t before been in the courts.I found this firm through the phone book and was worried but i couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer. Ms. Currie handled things really well and quickly.I guess you don’t chose a lawyer by price but she was cheaper then the lawyer that the other person that was charged with me who used.I got off without a record thanks to her. Cool lady.

~ by STILLKICKING 3/2/11 Mississauga