Types of Fraud

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Credit Card Fraud

White collar crimes often involve long periods of investigation.
Cases involving significant loss of funds or complex financial transactions, will find people are looking for someone to blame. Understanding the difference between an honest mistake and a criminal act, I will not allow my client to unjustifiably take the blame.

Criminal lawyer Maureen Currie is familiar with handling these types of charges and has a high rate of success in defending against these charges.


Common Types of Fraud:

Contractor Fraud

Small business owners understand that dealing with disgruntled customers comes with the responsibilities of owning a business. For those in the construction and home repair industries, these types of clients could land you in the middle of a fraud investigation. Perhaps a client was unhappy with the work completed, or feels they were dealt with dishonestly. In some cases, clients are simply disgruntled because they weren’t able to get their way in an agreement. Whatever the reasons, this type of fraud is especially problematic as the consequences can affect not only your freedom, but the future of your business. Even if you aren’t convicted, facing contractor fraud charges is a hassle and an embarrassment for you and your business. If you’ve been accused of fraudulent business practices, it’s vital you contact defence lawyer as soon as possible to protect your business.


Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a general term refers to alleged criminal activity involving fraudulent use of a credit card. These charges usually refer to activity in which a credit card is used to illegally obtain funds, goods, and/or services. This may include:

  • • Accessing someone else’s credit card account, personal identification number (PIN), account number, or other credit information without their permission
  • • Using the mail to illegally obtain a credit card
  • • Using a counterfeit credit card
  • • Using a lost or stolen credit card
  • • Obtaining equipment to conduct fraudulent credit card acts

Fraud from an Employer

Breach of trust Fraud Under $5000 and Fraud Over $5000 are considered serious charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. They are laid frequently in relation to employer theft, unauthorized use of credit cards, and cases involving submission of falsified documents such as work invoices or financial statements.  The charge can also be laid alongside other offences including Forgery or Uttering Forged Documents, Credit Card Theft, or Theft, both Over $5000 and Under $5000.  If you are charged with fraud or theft against an employer you may also be facing Breach of Trust – even if you have paid back the money to your employer.

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Criminal lawyer, Maureen Currie, has extensive experiences defending fraud and fraud-related cases. She understands the complexities of successfully defending Fraud-related charges which can sometimes make a significant difference in outcome – whether it means staying in Canada, avoiding jail, or avoiding a criminal record.  She has considerable experience in successfully representing clients on all types of fraud and breach of trust charges. Conviction of a crime can turn your life upside down, and the process can be frightening. Maureen Currie understands that people make honest mistakes, and she is committed to helping you get out of a hole and back to your life. Sometimes at a bad time in your life you can simply make a regrettable decision.

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