Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful DismissalWrongful Dismissal

If you’ve been fired or laid off, or are about to be, we can help determine if you are entitled to compensation for wrongful dismissal and the proper legal steps to recover it.

We can also review your severance package to determine if it is fair and reasonable.


Lawyer Maureen Currie’s wide experience in employment law includes claims for:

  • •  Wrongful dismissal
  • • Unfair dismissal
  • • Constructive dismissal (unfair demotion or change in working conditions, including pay reductions)
  • • Bad faith discharge

... and has been instrumental in negotiating reasonable and favourable severance packages.


Our firm has represented clients whose wrongful dismissal has been by way of:

• Termination of employment with compensation being only that set out in the Employment Standards Act. We have found that employees are often entitled to many times more than the amounts set out in the Ontario Employment Standards Act
• Termination for cause where actions did not warrant ending the employment relationship
• Changing the working conditions or job description such that it amounts to constructive dismissal
• Termination where the employer has not followed proper procedures in ending an employee’s employment


If you have been fired or dismissed from your job, you may have several important questions, such as:

• Can your employer fire you?
• Were you entitled to prior notice that you were going to be dismissed?
• Can you get severance pay?
• Can you sue for wrongful dismissal?


We can help answer those questions.

You should know that the Employment Standards Act protects employees who lose their job. You should remember that you may have two separate entitlements; first, your rights under the Ontario Employment Standards Act; and second, your rights under the contract of employment. Your contract rights may be greater than your rights under the Employment Standards Act – even if you don’t have a written contract. But regardless, your contract rights cannot provide a lesser benefit than the Employment Standards Act.


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