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Robbery is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, and is viewed by the courts as one of the most serious violent crime offences. 

It may be charged with other theft and theft-related or weapons charges. See the criminal code penalty chart » for the possible ramifications of being found guilty to a robbery charge – which can include several years of minimum imprisonment – even in the case of a first offender.


This depends upon the circumstances and facts of each individual case. Some factors the Court will consider are what words and gestures were used by the accused person, and whether the accused was wearing any unique clothing such as a mask.

A threat of violence can include any action taken by the accused that would lead the victim to reasonably believe that physical injury would result. The Court will consider whether the actions and words of the accused could reasonably create such a feeling of apprehension on the part of the victim. For example, handing a bank teller a note demanding money can constitute a threat and meet the requirements for robbery.

How can a Conviction for Robbery Affect Me?

If you are convicted for robbery:

  • • You may not be able to travel to other countries.
  • • You may lose your current job.
  • • You may not be able to get a job in a particular profession.
  • • You will have a criminal record.
  • • You will not be able to apply for a record suspension until 10 years after you have completed your sentence.


Facing Criminal Charges?

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