Pleading Guilty

Pleading Guilty

After careful consideration and analysis, a client may want to plead guilty to a criminal charge or charges. In such circumstances, counsel can occasionally negotiate for the Crown to withdraw some of the charges you may be facing in exchange for a plea on others. A guilty plea requires careful preparation and research. Maureen Currie will provide submissions to the Court with respect to your character and the circumstances of the offence, in an effort to persuade the Court to provide an appropriate sentence – given all of the extenuating circumstances. Pleading guilty to an offence, depending upon the circumstances, may result in:

  • A conditional or absolute discharge (leaving you with no criminal record after the expiration of a certain period of time);
  • A suspended sentence with a period of probation;
  • A fine; or,
  • A period of incarceration (in more serious cases)

If a client instructs us to proceed to a guilty plea, Maureen Currie negotiates with the Crown to try to get the Crown’s agreement to a certain position to put forward to the Judge. If this is not possible, however, Maureen Currie will put forward submissions to try to persuade the Court to provide the best outcome relative to the charge, circumstances and any previous criminal record.

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Facing Criminal Charges?

If you  have been  charged with a criminal offence,  Maureen Currie will vigorously defend you. Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal lawyer, who has represented individuals charged with criminal offences in Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Georgetown, Burlington, Guelph, the Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.