Employment Law for
HR Professionals & Legal Compliance

Employer Concerns & Legal Compliance

Our firm has represented Companies and assisted Human Resource professionals in addressing the multitude of employment issues that arise in business.

Companies often seek our help to determine how to handle a difficult situation.  They may be struggling with doing what is right for their workplace or they may find themselves in a situation of unwanted litigation due to past actions.  At Currie Law we can help guide you, behind the scene, in decisions or represent you in litigation.


Be aware of how to:

  • Properly discipline an employee
  • Determine if the threshold of just cause has been met. In that regard an important case was released recently demonstrating just how high the hurdle of “just cause” can be
  • Document human resources files to protect company interests in the event that a termination is necessary
  • Prepare and execute an employment contract
  • Properly prepare severance packages that are reasonable and would be acceptable to a Court should it be challenged
  • Address harassment issues in a proper manner
  • Deal with the continually absent employee
  • Negotiate and defend, if necessary a claim for wrongful dismissal