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About to be Terminated?

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If you think you’re about to be fired or dismissed:

• get legal advice before accepting a demotion or transfer that you think is not fair
• get legal advice before signing or accepting a payment from your employer as full and final settlement, if you think you’re entitled to more. If you settle your claim with your employer, a Court may say you gave up your right to sue. You can take a reasonable time to think things over and get proper advice – even if your employer gives you an unreasonable deadline.
• start looking for another job immediately. Even if you later sue your employer and win, you still have a duty to seek new and comparable employment right away. Keep an accurate record of your job search, including copies of your application letters and e-mails, plus any replies you get.
• if you think you are fired because of your age, gender, religion or some other personal characteristics, you may have a separate claim under the Ontario Human Rights law.

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