Dismissal or Stay of Proceedings

Dismissal or Stay of Proceedings

If a charge is dismissed at trial or if crown counsel (the prosecutor) decides at some time prior to trial following a meeting with your counsel to enter a stay of proceedings (terminate the charge), there will be no criminal record. Sometimes, and in certain circumstances, we can persuade crown counsel to enter a stay of proceedings or withdraw the charge prior to trial – even where the Crown initially refused to do so.

An example would be if certain evidence came to light that was not available to crown counsel at the time of the laying of the charge or we convince the Crown that there is no reasonable prospect of a successful prosecution.

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Facing Criminal Charges?

If you  have been  charged with a criminal offence,  Maureen Currie will vigorously defend you. Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal lawyer, who has represented individuals charged with criminal offences in Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Georgetown, Burlington, Guelph, the Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.