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Maureen Currie has 30 years of litigation experience.

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Maureen Currie - Criminal Lawyer in Burlington

Have you been arrested in Burlington and need a criminal lawyer?
Experience matters!

Criminal defence lawyer Maureen Currie has over 30 years of experience. She previously worked as a prosecutor in the Crown Attorney's office - experience now useful in her practice as a criminal defence lawyer. She is known for her fearless representation of clients charged with serious criminal law offences, close personal attention and commitment in providing a thorough criminal defence.

If you are charged with a criminal offence, Maureen Currie will vigorously defend you.
A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.

It can restrict a person’s ability to obtain or keep employment, pursue advanced education, become a Canadian citizen, remain in Canada, and travel. For these reasons alone, a person charged with an offence should always consult a criminal lawyer before the first court appearance. Many people have made the mistake of pleading guilty without legal advice - just to “get it over with” and only later find out the serious problems associated with having a criminal record.

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Why Choose Maureen Currie.... Experience matters!  

Maureen Currie previously worked as a Partner at Lerners in Toronto and as an Associate Crown Attorney - before opening her criminal defence practice in Oakville, Ontario.

Lawyer Maureen Currie has represented individuals and corporations in ground breaking and high profile cases since her call to the bar in 1988. She is widely experienced in Criminal Law, Inquests, Royal Commissions and Civil Litigation.

She has extensive experience in countless criminal trials, negotiations, guilty pleas. She has also engaged as counsel in many Royal Commissions and Inquests (including representation of the Children's Aid in the Jeffrey Baldwin Inquest; the Anzovino family in the Reilly Anzovino Inquest)

Maureen Currie was chosen by the Court of Appeal Judge - the Honourable Mr. Justice Fred Kaufman to be his Associate Counsel for the Inquiry into the Guy Paul Morin – which analysed how an innocent man was wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a young girl.

Winning Ground Breaking Cases Since 1988

Maureen Currie has 30 years of litigation experience. She has represented individuals and corporations in a wide range of high profile trials, inquests, and Royal Commissions. She has also previously worked as a Prosecutor in the Crown Attorney’s Office - experience now useful for her practice as a criminal defence lawyer. 
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Criminal Defence Law

Common Criminal Charges

Maureen Currie has been practising since 1988 and has the experience required for success.

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Criminal Harassment

In most criminal harassment cases, the complainant contacts the police with information about the actions of the accused.

Criminal Harassment
Criminal Harassment
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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault includes any non-consensual touching or other physical contact between two persons that has a sexual nature.

Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault
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Drinking & Driving Offences

If you have been charged with Impaired Driving (Alcohol level of over 80), the ramifications are extremely serious.

Impaired Driving
Drinking and Driving Offences
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Firearm & Weapons Charges

Currie Law is well-versed in the criminal laws that regulate weapon use and possession, and keep up to date on this ever changing area of the law.

Firearm & Weapons Charges
Firearm & Weapons Offence
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Drug Charges

A conviction on any drug charge can result in a criminal record which could have a devastating impact on your future.

Drug Charges
Drug Charges
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Threatening or Utter Threats

Sometimes in the context of an argument words will be uttered that amount to a threat. This can result in a serious criminal code offence.

Threatening or Utter Threats
Threatening or Utter Threats
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Robbery is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, and is viewed by the courts as one of the most serious violent crime offences.

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Charges can include Shoplifting, Theft under and over $5000, Identity theft, Forgery, Benefiting from the proceeds of a crime & Conspiracy.


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