• Maureen Currie

Former Crown Attorney

Maureen was an Associate Crown Attorney before opening her criminal defence practice in Oakville, Ontario.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Fighting for your legal rights since 1988.  Representing individuals & corporations in groundbreaking and high profile cases.   

Five Star Rated Attorney

Total of 30+ reviews on Google with a 4.7 rating.  Maureen is also the recipient of the "Three Best Rated" for Criminal Lawyers in Oakville.  

Maureen Currie
Criminal Lawyer in Burlington

Have you been arrested in Burlington and need a criminal lawyer?
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Criminal defence lawyer Maureen Currie has over 30 years of experience. She previously worked as a prosecutor in the Crown Attorney's office - experience now useful in her practice as a criminal defence lawyer. She is known for her fearless representation of clients charged with serious criminal law offences, close personal attention and commitment in providing a thorough criminal defence.

A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.

Choose a criminal lawyer with the experience and commitment to provide quality and thorough legal representation.

A criminal record can restrict a person’s ability to obtain or keep employment, pursue advanced education, become a Canadian citizen, remain in Canada, and travel. For these reasons alone, a person charged with an offence should always consult a criminal lawyer before the first court appearance. Many people have made the mistake of pleading guilty without legal advice - just to “get it over with” and only later find out the serious problems associated with having a criminal record.

While a successful criminal defence involves careful preparation and research, many cases can be quickly resolved behind the scenes by negotiation to convince the Crown to withdraw the charges by resolution resulting in fair sentencing – sometimes without a criminal record. As we move forward in your defence, Ms. Currie will be able to help you decide whether it would be in your best interests to proceed to trial or to attempt to resolve the charge you are facing.

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We Will Fight For You

Fighting for your legal rights since 1988. Representing individuals & corporations in ground breaking and high profile cases.

  • • Over 30 Years of Experience

  • • Five Star Rated Attorney

  • • Thousands of Courtroom Hours

  • • Practice restricted to criminal law

  • • Former prosecutor in Crown Attorney’s office


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Common Criminal Charges in Burlington

Maureen Currie has been practicing since 1988 and has the experience required for success.

Youth Charges

Youth Charges

Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal youth lawyer, who has represented teens under 18 years of age charged with criminal offences.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault includes any non-consensual touching or other physical contact between two persons that has a sexual nature.

Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault

Allegations of domestic assault are taken very seriously by the police, the crown attorney’s office and our courts because of the prevalence of domestic abuse in society.

Child Pornography Charges

Child Pornography

There are extremely strict laws in Canada outlined in the criminal code about child pornography and individuals accessing or possessing materials.

Fraud Charges

Fraud Charges

Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal lawyer in fraud who has been practicing since 1988 and represents accused charged with fraud and theft.



Charges can include Shoplifting, Theft under and over $5000, Identity theft, Forgery, Benefiting from the proceeds of a crime & Conspiracy.

If you are charged with a criminal offence, Maureen Currie will vigorously defend you.


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My son was facing serious criminal charges. Maureen was thoroughly professional. It went to trial and she was very prepared and showed excellent examination skills. While she was even handed with police she showed judge that he was mistaken or maybe dishonest. He was found innocent and judge even commented on her incisive cross examination. She was pricier than another lawyer I was going to hire but must say that her hours were very fair and as a family we more than got what we paid for. Must say that she seemed to work hard for us and she believed in him. He now won’t have a criminal record thanks to her. She went above and beyond for us so I wanted somehow to let others know. It can be so confusing to hire a criminal lawyer.

Dave L. - Burlington, ON

A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.
Choose a criminal lawyer with the experience and commitment to provide quality and thorough legal representation.

We Vigorously Fight for the Rights of Our Clients.