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Lawyer Maureen Currie  has represented individuals and corporations in ground breaking and high profile cases since her call to the bar in 1988. She is widely experienced in Criminal Law, Inquests, Royal Commissions and Civil Litigation.

  • Maureen Currie was chosen by the Court of Appeal Judge - the Honourable Mr. Justice Fred Kaufman to be his Associate Counsel for the Inquiry into the Guy Paul Morin – which analysed how an innocent man was wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a young girl. This Inquiry uncovered evidence of police and prosecutorial misconduct, and of misrepresentation of forensic evidence by the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences. As a result of this Inquiry considerable changes were made to criminal law, the admissibility of evidence in criminal prosecutions and other issues to safeguard the system against finding an innocent person guilty.
  • During her career, Ms. Currie represented RJR Tobacco in a constitutional challenge which made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • She was co-counsel representing the Canadian Red Cross during the Krevor Royal Commission into the safety of the blood system regarding the AIDS contamination of blood.
  • She previously worked as a Partner at Lerners in Toronto and as an Associate Crown Attorney - before opening her criminal defence practice.
  • She has extensive experience in countless criminal trials, negotiations, guilty pleas.  She has also engaged as counsel in many Royal Commissions and  Inquests  (including representation of the Children's Aid in the Jeffrey Baldwin Inquest; the Anzovino family in the Reilly Anzovino Inquest)

If you are charged with a criminal offence, Maureen Currie will vigorously defend you. A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.

It can restrict a person’s ability to obtain or keep employment, pursue advanced education, become a Canadian citizen, remain in Canada, and travel. For these reasons alone, a person charged with an offence should always consult a criminal lawyer before the first court appearance. Many people have made the mistake of pleading guilty without legal advice - just to “get it over with” and only later find out the serious problems associated with having a criminal record.

As we move forward in your defence, Ms. Currie will be able to help you decide whether it would be in your best interests to proceed to trial or to attempt to resolve the charge by one of the methods to avoid a criminal record » While a successful criminal defence involves careful preparation and research, many cases can often be quickly resolved behind the scenes by negotiation, to address criminal charges as simply and inexpensively as possible.

A criminal lawyer with experience and commitment that provides quality and thorough legal representation.

When it is necessary to take a case through to trial Ms. Currie will not hesitate to vigorously defend your interests. She has the reputation, experience and commitment to provide quality and thorough legal representation. You can be assured that you will receive close personal attention and assistance while your legal rights are protected. We listen to your concerns and explain the legal process. We keep you informed of the status of your case. When we are not immediately available to take your telephone calls, we ensure that they are returned within 24 hours.

Maureen Currie is an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer practising in Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines, the Niagara Region and other extensive coverage in the Criminal Courts in Southern Ontario

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and require an experienced criminal lawyer in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Hamilton area or elsewhere in Ontario  please call 905-847-2826

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