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Criminal Offences/Sentencing Chart

View the chart containing a list of many criminal offences, the criminal code section involved, penalties and possible sentences if found guilty and other related information. Some charges have a mandatory minimum sentence attached if found guilty!

The chart may contain valuable information pertaining to your case. Please consult the detailed chart and contact us » if you would like to discuss your case in more detail.

The Offences/Sentencing Chart

The detailed chart contains information on the following offences:

View > driving related penalties and sentencing


View > charges of dishonesty penalties and possible

Crimes of Dishonesty

View > weapon related penalties and possible sentencing

Weapons Offences

View > causing harm penalties and possible sentences

Crimes involving threats or violence

View > drug related penalties and possible sentences

Drug Offences

View >  possible sentences and penalties against
administration of law and justice

View > possible sentences for sexual offences

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