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criminal-law-interior A criminal record
can have a lasting effect.

Hamilton Criminal Lawyer 

Have you been arrested
and need a criminal trial lawyer in Hamilton?  

Experience matters! 

Experienced Criminal counsel Maureen Currie has represented individuals  defending criminal charges since 1988.

Criminal Law Lawyer Maureen Currie

She is known for her close personal attention, experience and commitment in providing a thorough criminal defence whether it’s:

  • working behind the scenes to persuade the prosecution to withdraw its case,
  • getting the best results possible on a guilty plea or
  • representing you at your criminal trial

A criminal record can have serious ramifications on your future ability to travel or obtain employment!  In the appropriate circumstances, we are often successful in resolving criminal charges without leaving you with a criminal record.

Is your son or daughter facing criminal charges in Hamilton?  We have considerable experiences in youth charges.

Don’t leave the important step of a bail hearing for yourself or a family member in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer.  Failing to present an effective bail hearing the first time around could result in considerable and unnecessary time spent in jail while waiting for trial.

We defend people facing a wide range of criminal charges in Hamilton, including:

  • Drug offences (defending simple possession or trafficking of various drugs)
  • Drinking and driving (refusing to blow; blowing over 80, impaired driving by drug, impaired driving by alcohol)
  • Sexual offences (sexual assault, sexual interference, touching, pornography charges)
  • Assaults
  • Domestic assault and violent offences
  • Weapons charges
  • Youth offences
  • Theft, robbery and fraud
  • Bail

Currie Law defends people who have been charged with criminal offences in Hamilton. We also take cases in other regions so please call us if you are facing criminal charges and need an experienced trial lawyer.

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