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law experience Maureen Currie - Background

Lawyer Maureen Currie has represented individuals and corporations in ground breaking and high profile cases since her call to the bar in 1988. She is widely experienced in Criminal Law, Inquests, Royal Commissions and Civil Litigation.

Maureen Currie is regularly consulted and retained when a person, accused of a criminal matter, requires an experienced criminal defense counsel.  Where possible, she will strive to resolve charges through negotiation— without the necessity of a time-consuming and costly trial but where resolution is not possible, Ms. Currie is known for her advocacy, strength and experience in the Courtroom.

A Highly Experienced Lawyer

Maureen Currie obtained her LL.B. in 1986 and has been representing litigants in a broad range of ground breaking cases since her call to the bar.

After practicing as a partner in a large litigation firm downtown Toronto for 18 years, Ms. Currie moved her practice to Oakville where she now serves the South Western Ontario Region. Maureen Currie is regularly consulted and retained as counsel for complex CRIMINAL AND civil litigation cases and is capable of assisting you in pursuing or defending a range of cases, including fraud, employment issues and general civil litigation. Where possible, she will strive to resolve your conflict through negotiation, mediation or arbitration — without the necessity of a time-consuming and costly trial.

Ms. Currie is known for her advocacy, strength and experience in the Courtroom and the advice she renders to clients to avoid costly courtroom battles.

She has been an instructor at York University, Osgood Law School where she has taught both lawyers and law students trial advocacy and courtroom skills. She has also been engaged as an instructor at the Canadian Intensive Trial Advocacy Course which is a yearly course for trial lawyers that want to improve their litigation skills. She has successfully represented clients in a comprehensive range of CRIMINAL AND litigation issues.


A Sample of Maureen Currie’s Experience & Law Background Includes:

  • Criminal Lawyer  Mississauga• She represents adults and youths accused of serious indictable and summary offences throughout South-western Ontario

  • • She was co-counsel for the Canadian Red Cross during the Krever Royal Commission which examined the safety of the Blood System in Canada during the AIDS crisis and evaluated the Red Cross' actions during that time

  • • She was chosen by the Honourable former Court of Appeal Justice Kaufman to be his associate counsel in the Morin Inquiry, which examined the underpinnings of the wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin, who was charged and wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a young girl.  The results of this Inquiry resulted in dramatic change to what is allowed to happen in  criminal law proceedings

  • • She represented the CAS in the Jeffrey Baldwin Inquest examining the murder by neglect and starvation of a young child who lived in the home of his grandparents.
  • • Ms. Currie represented RJR Tobacco in a constitutional challenge which made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • • She has represented physicians in Inquests to defend them in circumstances surrounding the death of their patients/inmates who have died while in custody
  • • She represented a psychiatrist in an Inquest delving into the death of a young boy death from neuroleptic malignant syndrome and whether the provision of psychiatric medication resulted in his death
  • • She represented a group home in an Inquest where a youth died while in care
  • • She represented a party in an Inquest examining the circumstances of a child dying as a result of strangulation while in a car seat
  • • She represented Emergency Room physicians following the death of a patient who died of exposure following his release from the hospital 
  • • She represented a party in the Torehi Inquest involving the shooting of a by the police of a man who had just murdered his wife
  • • She previously worked as a Partner at Lerners in Toronto and as an Associate Crown Attorney - before opening her criminal defence practice.