Child Pornography

A Child Pornography crime requires an experienced criminal lawyer.

Charged with Child PornographyThere are extremely strict laws in Canada outlined in the criminal code about child pornography and individuals accessing or possessing materials that are classified by the Courts as “obscene”. Because there is a very broad definition of what constitutes “child pornography” in the Criminal Code, Canadian laws are particularly onerous. Additionally there are mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment that apply upon conviction.

If you have been accused of committing such a crime, the stakes are considerable. Accordingly you are well-advised to seek experienced legal representation if you have been charged with such offences.

The law is complicated – even for adults. It also becomes particularly concerning between teenagers and young adults who may be engaged in “sexting”. According to the Criminal Code exchanging sexual pictures or videos of those who look like they are under 18 years of age can be illegal. A lot of teenagers have questions about sexting and the law. It is important to know that the law is complicated and can be very fact specific. It is used in specific ways depending on the situation. It is impossible to predict exactly how the law will respond to sexting each and every time. There are situations where teens sending sexual images and videos of people under 18 can be illegal.

Facing criminal charges for Child Pornography

Sex Offender Registry orders last for a period of between 10 years to life, depending on the circumstances. 


Facing Criminal Charges?

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A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.