Internet Luring

Internet LuringIt is no secret that sex crimes are considered particularly heinous offences by the general public. If you are accused of a sex crime you may feel that society considers you guilty until proven innocent. This is not, however, the law in Canada.

Due to this stigma and the consequences that charges can have on your day to day life, it is important that you obtain representation from a lawyer. 

Internet luring involves adults who generally for a sexual purpose troll the internet for vulnerable children and adolescents. The Supreme Court of Canada has expanded on the definition of internet luring to include anyone having an inappropriate conversation with a child – even if the chats aren’t sexual in nature and the accused never intended to meet the alleged victim. Physical contact is not necessary for internet luring because some seemingly innocent chats open the door toward a child being victimized. The law makes it a crime to communicate by computer with underage children or adolescents for the purpose of facilitating the commission of offences.

“Facilitating” could be interpreted to mean anything that would make it easier or more probable for a young person to be taken advantage of.


The offence of luring is defined in the Criminal Code as the use of telecommunication to communicate with someone who is, or who the perpetrator believes to be, under the age of 18, for the purpose of facilitating the commission of an offence against a child.

The legal age for consenting to sexual activity in Canada is 16 years of age. Unfortunately, some minors lie about their age when they are using the internet, which can present a huge risk for adults engaging in a conversation with them on-line. If sex is discussed on-line and an in-person meeting is arranged with a person, the adult can be charged with internet luring.

Currie Law lawyers know that internet luring charges often stem from misunderstandings and entrapment by the police. Entrapment can occur when police officers set up a sting operation to try to catch people in the act of soliciting minors in social networking sites and chat rooms.

 If you feel you were bated or trapped by law enforcement, or were lied to by a minor about his or her age, your lawyer may be able to build a strong case in your defence.


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