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Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal lawyer in fraud who has been practising since 1988 and represents accused charged with fraud and theft in Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brampton, the Niagara Region and elsewhere in Ontario.has experience representing required for success.

Maureen Currie has represented both corporations and individuals in small and large scale fraud cases. Her considerable experience enables her to strategically build a solid defence.


Being convicted of fraud can have serious consequences on your future employment, immigration status, reputation, family, and freedom.
As with any criminal record, you may be affected for many years to come, and fraud charges can be especially impactful as fraud is a crime of dishonesty.


What is Fraud?

Fraud is intentional deception with financial or personal gain as the usual goal, resulting in injury to another person or entity. Fraud is a very serious white collar crime and can carry heavy consequences and penalties, depending on the circumstances. For the penalties associated with fraud please see our criminal law penalty chart »

Fraud is considered a type of property offence. There are different types of fraud and each carries separate legal consequences, making it possible to face multiple counts of fraud, especially if the activity took place over an extended period of time.


Fraud Under $5000 versus Fraud Over $5000
Although there are many types of fraud one can commit, they all fall into one of two categories.



Fraud Under is a “hybrid” offence, which means the Crown has the option of either proceeding by summary conviction or by indictment (in cases of more serious offences). The way the Crown proceeds affects the maximum possible punishment. As the name implies, this type of fraud includes cases where the value of the amount alleged to have defrauded is below $5000.



This is strictly an indictable offence. This type of fraud charge is applicable when the value of the amount alleged to have been defrauded exceeds $5000 or where the subject-matter of the offence is a testamentary instrument (like a will). Fraud over $5000 generally carries significantly heavier penalties. Those convicted of this type of property offence may face up to 14 years in prison.

Penalties for multiple counts of fraud may be much more serious.

Types of Fraud

There are a number of types of fraud which may fall into the categories detailed above, including:

  • • Credit Card Fraud
  • • Health Care Fraud
  • • Insurance Fraud
  • • Internet Fraud
  • • Mail Fraud
  • • Public Assistance Fraud
  • • Securities Fraud


Don’t Let Yourself Become a Scapegoat

In cases involving significant loss of funds or complex financial transactions, many people are looking for someone to blame. We understand the difference between an honest mistake and a criminal act. I will not allow my client to unjustifiably take the blame. White collar crimes often involve long periods of investigation.

Please DO NOT speak to authorities without a lawyer present to represent you. Contact me at 905 847 2826 to arrange a confidential consultation about your case.

Maureen Currie has extensive experiences defending fraud and fraud-related cases. She understands the complexities of successfully defending Fraud-related charges which can sometimes make a significant difference in outcome – whether it means staying in Canada, avoiding jail, or avoiding a criminal record.  She has considerable experience in successfully representing clients on all types of fraud and breach of trust charges. Conviction of a crime can turn your life upside down, and the process can be frightening. Criminal Lawyer Maureen Currie understands that people make honest mistakes, and she is committed to helping you get out of a hole and back to your life. Sometimes at a bad time in your life you can simply make a regrettable decision.

Maureen Currie is familiar with handling these types of charges and has a high rate of success in defending against these charges.


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