Youth Criminal Justice

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The Youth Criminal Justice System

Maureen Currie is an experienced criminal youth lawyer, who has represented teens under 18 years of age charged with criminal offences in Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Brantford, Guelph, the Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

The results of a criminal record can have an impact on the ability of a person to travel, their choice of career and present employment.When a young person is charged with a criminal offence, there are different considerations that govern the sentences a Judge can impose on a youth charged under the criminal code. The objectives of the Youth Criminal Justice System are to prevent crime, ensure meaningful consequences for offending behaviour and rehabilitate and reintegrate the young person.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act states that the purpose of sentencing is to hold a young person accountable for the offence committed by imposing meaningful consequences and promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of the young person.

Some offences in the Criminal Code have a minimum sentence (even for youths) and some offences have a maximum sentence, depending upon the nature of the offence. The YCJA applies to those under the age of 18 at the time of committing the offence. The focus of sentencing for young persons often stresses rehabilitation and the reintegration of a young offender back into his community as opposed to more punitive sentences.

Criminal offences
Young persons charged with criminal offences are dealt with in Youth Court. In Ontario, Youth Court are judges of the Ontario Court, Provincial Divisions. These are the same judges who also deal with certain adult offences. If you are a youth charged with an offence it is important that you contact a criminal lawyer with experience in youth matters.

Alternate Measures or Diversion
Young persons charged with relatively minor criminal offences, such as shoplifting, may be eligible for Alternative Measures programs. In the appropriate case, we may be successful, upon discussion with the Crown or submissions to the Court, to get the criminal charges  withdrawn or stayed upon a young person’s undertaking to do community service work, write apologies, make restitution, write papers or other public service.

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