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Inquests, Inquiries and Royal Commissions

Maureen Currie is experienced in providing experienced and compassionate representation for clients including individuals, boards and agencies when they are facing serious and complex issues arising in the context of administrative law.

She has represented many individuals, corporations and agencies in numerous Inquests and administrative hearings like Inquests, Inquiries and Royal Commissions. An inquest is a formal court hearing at which a coroner must establish who died and how, when and where the death occurred. An inquest may be held if a sudden death was violent or traumatic, or if the cause of an unexpected death has not been explained by illness or disease.

A sample of Lawyer Maureen Currie’s administrative law experience in Inquests and Commissions includes:

  • She was co-counsel to the Canadian Red Cross during the Krevor Royal Commission which examined the safety of the Blood System in Canada following the AIDS crisis
  • She was chosen by the Honourable Justice Kaufman to be his associate counsel in the Morin Inquiry, which reviewed the wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin who was charged and wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a young girl
  • She represented the CAS in the Jeffrey Baldwin Inquest examining the murder by neglect and starvation of a young child while living in the home of his grandparents.
  • She has represented physicians in Inquests in circumstances surrounding the death of their patients and inmates who have died in jail and while in custody,
  • She represented a psychiatrist in an Inquest delving into the circumstances of a young boy’s death from neuroleptic malignant syndrome and the provision of psychiatric medication preceding this death
  • She represented a group home in an Inquest where a youth died while in care
  • She represented a party in an Inquest examining the circumstances of a child dying as a result of strangulation while in a car seat

Ms. Currie provides individualized service to clients when they are facing serious and complex issues.

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