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Criminal Law Defence Lawyer

Employment Law
We offer specialized advice to both employees and employers in employment law, including contract negotiation, wrongful and constructive dismissal, severance packages and negotiation, disciplinary measures, human rights, harassment and Employment Standards Act issues. We provide assistance both in negotiating individual employment contracts and severance contracts.

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Criminal Law
Criminal Defence counsel Maureen Currie defends youths and adults charged with criminal offences and provincial code offences.

A Criminal Record can have a lasting effect and have serious ramifications on your employment and ability to travel so please read about our extensive background in criminal law, our specific practice areas, current criminal law articles and our resources on  current criminal code offences including potential penalties if you plead or are found guilty after trial.

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Civil Litigation Law
Maureen Currie is known for her advocacy, strength and experience in the Courtroom and the advice she renders to clients to avoid costly courtroom battles.

She has been an instructor at York University, Osgood Law School  and Intensive Trial Advocacy Courses where she has served as an instructor for both lawyers and law students in trial advocacy and courtroom skills. 

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Administrative Law
Administrative law is the body of law that addresses the actions and operations of governments, governmental agencies and disciplinary matters.  Administrative Law involves appearances before Tribunals, Boards, Coroner’s Inquests, Royal Commissions. We have extensive experience in many aspects of administrative work including Coroner’s Inquests, Boards, Disciplinary Hearings and Royal Commissions. 

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