Diversion or Alternative Measure Programs, Extra Judicial Measures

Diversion or Alternative Measure Programs, Extra Judicial Measures

Maureen Currie is often successful in getting the charges you are facing withdrawn on the basis of a diversionary program. In Ontario, the adult diversion program is referred to as “Diversion”, “Alternative Measures Program” or AMP. The youth diversion program is called “Extra Judicial Measures” or EJS.

Although programs will vary between regions, the Crown’s office may be willing to consider an accused to
be eligible for diversion if:
  • you are a first-time offender
  • if on a theft charge – only a small quantity of merchandise was stolen and the merchandise was returned or recovered.
  • If it is a drug possession charge, only a small amount of the drug was found on the person.

Requirements in the diversion program vary, ranging from apology letters, community service, and modest charitable donations. If Maureen Currie is able to facility getting you accepted into Alternative Measures and you successfully complete the program, the charges will be withdrawn. This means that you get to keep a clean criminal record and avoid the expense and embarrassment of a trial.

An experienced lawyer may persuade the Crown Attorney to admit them into the program. Maureen Currie can help.

Alternative Measure ProgramNot all those accused of minor property related crimes or minor drug offences will be immediately eligible for a diversion program. In these cases, an experienced lawyer must persuade the Crown Attorney to admit them into the program. Theft and minor possession charges can have a long-term impact on your life and well-being, from giving you a criminal record to landing you in jail. The law is complicated and many accused don’t know how to handle the situation in which they find themselves.

Generally, a first time offender charged with a minor, non-violent crime would be an excellent candidate for Ms. Currie to negotiate such a resolution with the Crown. If an accused completes all conditions, Crown counsel will enter a stay of proceedings or withdraw the charge, which means that there will be no criminal record.

Conviction of a crime can turn your life upside down, and the process can be frightening. Maureen Currie understands that people make honest mistakes, and she is committed to helping you get out of a hole and back to your life. Sometimes at a bad time in your life a person can simply make a regrettable decision. Maureen Currie is an ethical experienced lawyer who is familiar with handling these types of charges and has a high rate of success in obtaining a diversionary remedy.


If a criminal lawyer can raise a reasonable doubt about any of the essential elements of the offence, the accused is entitled to be found not guilty.

Diversion, Extra Judicial Measures

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