Charges Withdrawn

Getting Your Charges Withdrawn without a Criminal Record

 Getting Your Charges Withdrawn without a Criminal Record

Can you get my charges withdrawn without a criminal record?

In the right circumstances we can have a meeting with the Crown Attorney and explain the situation and why you were in appropriately charged or why this matter should not be before the criminal courts. In such cases the charges can be completely withdrawn and the criminal process will end. This is generally only done where we can convince the Crown Attorney that the facts are clear that you should not be held responsible for the offence and the prospect of a successful conviction is unlikely.

What occurs more frequently, in the right circumstances, is a negotiation for the withdrawal of the charges (leaving you without a criminal record) after certain conditions or steps have been met. This is called Diversion or Alternative Measures.



Facing Criminal Charges?

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A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications.
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